What is the E! Family

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What is the E! Family?

This is my current situation! I love sitting here – little noise-no one walking by, just the sound of a nearby fountain and a few buzzing mosquitoes that I am determinIMG_1991ed to outlast. (Even perfect tranquility is not totally free of challenges).  In the few short months since my wife envisioned and created this space, it has become a favorite spot for family and friends to hang out, talk and just relax. Our schedules are normally crazy (like yours), so this space doesn’t get near enough use, but this morning I have a few moments to sit and catch up with life.

I’m thinking about last Fall when a close friend suggested that he and I go to school and get our Real Estate licenses. It took me 30 seconds to agree. I love real estate (my kids were annoyed when I suggested that a fun Sunday activity after church was visiting open houses). Susie and I and have bought and sold over 18 homes in the last 30 years. We have done the “This Old House Thing”, rehabbed, flipped, had renters, fixed what renters broke…. All as “amateurs.”


The obvious question would be “why” get your Real Estate license, why enter into a new venture with all that Susie and I already have on our plates? We own Masterworks School of the Arts, Inc. in Davidson and Mooresville, NC, Susie is a National Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, and we have another seasonal business, Dave’s Christmas Workshop (www.facebook.com/Daveschristmasworkshop/). We are passionate about our church involvement and then there’s five grandchildren between the ages of 5 & 6 that are the joy of our life. Why on earth would we add one more thing to the mix?


The answer lies in what my wife, Susie, tells people – “We are an Entrepreneurial Family.” When we see potential and opportunity, we love to get involved. Sometimes that means starting a business, sometime that means helping someone else start a business, and sometimes it just means lending a hand and getting involved in a venture. For us, the thrill, terror, uncertainty, struggle, and reward of seeing something blossom, mature and affect the lives of others makes each day something to look forward to and enjoy. Taking the initiative and opportunity to design our live and the activities of our lives in a way that reflects our values and passions is my definition of an E! Family.


While not everyone wants to maintain four businesses, almost everyone shares a desire to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Don’t we all want:

*Freedom to design a schedule that reflects our values

*Flexibility to live life outside of a cubicle

*Earning a living by following our passion

* Not wasting the minutes and hours of the life God has given us

*Affecting, encouraging, and influencing the lives of the people around us


So how do you do that – how do you have that kind of life?   I don’t have all the answers but I do have some insight and I have a wealth of friends here and around the world that have been examples of what this kind of life looks like. I thought that it would be great to create a place where we could share ideas, share successes and failures, and encourage others to live this kind of value driven life. That’s what the E Family will become!


If you’re at all curious about developing an entrepreneurial mindset or lifestyle, tune in here each Monday and we will share stories, experiences, and advice from numerous individuals and families. I hope you’ll laugh, (I really do like to laugh), cry, be encouraged, and see the potential in everyone and everything around you. You’ll see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the humorous. I’ll introduce you to friends who have found incredible success and influence, and we’ll give you a front row seat to their incredible accomplishments, as well as some epic disasters. The most important thing you’ll understand is that every experience is preparation for the next step of this journey we call “life.”


I believe God has a plan for each of us.  He has something unique that He has planned for us to accomplish that will impact everyone around us. Sometimes we just need a little help, encouragement, and courage getting there. It’s my hope that the E! Family will be one source of help, encouragement and courage!

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